Insurance is included in the rental cost for all motorcycles - with the exception of a few far east countries where they hold your passport to ensure you return the motorcycle as no insurance is available in those places.
What is covered ?
The insurance will cover 3rd party liability (damage to people or property) up to a level set by each particular countries governing body and damage or theft of the motorcycle.
Your liability is set by way of a damage/theft deposit which is usually the insurance excess amount. You pay or sign a credit card authorisation for this deposit when you collect the motorcycle and it is returned or cancelled when you return the motorcycle. The amount of the deposit depends on the rental office and type of motorcycle and will be clearly stated with any quote for rental. If the motorcycle is damaged, the cost of repair is charged to the deposit and any amount left over is returned to you. If the cost of repair is above the deposit level, then the insurer pays the difference.
A few rental offices will charge a deposit and only offer 3rd party insurance - in those cases you are liable for the full cost of repairs up to the full value of the motorcycle if it is written off as unrepairable - they will also offer a full insurance option instead of waiver options
Waiver Insurance
Most offices offer waiver options to reduce the amount of liability and or deposit level - these waivers are usually charged per rental day and you then pay a deposit which is the maximum liability to you against damage or loss.

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