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Motorcycle Rental in Vietnam




Tours, guided and unguided are also available for Vietnam and surrounding countries, please see below.

All prices are in U$D (US Dollars $) and subject to fluctuate, all bikes and tours are subject to availability, please contact us with your request for an accurate and set quotation

All rentals start and end in Hanoi, bikes can be transported to other areas for one way trips by arrangement and subject to a transfer fee


Important note: The rental bikes for Vietnam are sourced through a 3rd party operator, located in Laos. This is the only way we can guarantee a level of quality and efficient service for this country. A one off booking fee of $35 per rental is payable and added to the final cost of the rental contract
Motorcycle Price per day $

Honda XR 650


Suzuki DR 650
Suzuki DRZ 400
Honda XR 400
Honda CRX 250

Honda XR 250


Honda Degree XL 250


Yamaha Serrow 230


Honda XR 125


Minsk 125


  • Prices include taxes, unlimited mileage (km) allowance, helmet and rear rack for small baggage
  • Insurance: No insurance exists for motorcycles in Vietnam, so your passport will be retained by the rental office, this is their only guarantee that the bike will be returned. The rider is responsible for any damage or loss and the passport is returned once your account is settled.
  • Visa: A travel visa is required for Vietnam, this will cost around $60

Motorcycle Touring In Vietnam
Despite it's past troubles, Vietnam is now a peaceful country, rich in culture, history and unspoilt terrain, with many sights, old and new to be discovered.

We can arrange tours from one day, one person to any time, with any group size, guided and unguided options are available, and we can arrange any itinerary from just a bike and a map to full package with route, guide, accommodation, meals and planned daily itineraries. All of this can be done to match almost any budget...contact us know with your dates or requirements.

Here are a few examples to whet the appetite...

6 Day Northwest Vietnam Tour

Tour duration: 6 days

Tour highlight: Motorbike adventure and trekking

Tour introduction:

Northwest Vietnam is well known as the area of high mountains and panoramic  views. For ones who have passions for travelling on the motorbikes, a trip to the Northwest Vietnam may bring you the best experience in your travel life time.  Good roads and diverse scenery, a compact but great ride!

Brief itinerary:

Day 1: Hanoi - Mai Chau (L/D)
Day 2: Mai Chau - Son La (B/L/D)
Day 3: Son La - Lai Chau (B/L/D)
Day 4: Lai Chau - Tam Duong (B/L/D)
Day 5: Tam Duong - Sapa(B/L/D)
Day 6: Sapa - Hanoi(B/L/D)


# of persons






6 +

Single Supplement

 Price $ per person









5 Day Northeast Vietnam Tour

Brief itinerary

Day 1: Hanoi Ba Be Lake (L/D)
Day 2:  Ba Be Cao Bong (B/L/D)
Day 3: Cao Bong Ban Gioc Cao Bong (B/L/D)
Day 4: Cao Bong Lang Son (B/L/D)
Day 5: Lang Son Hanoi (B/L)

Tour Duration:  5 days

Tour highlight: Discover the fauna and flora at Cuc Phuong National park

Tour introduction:

This area offers breathtaking views and interesting subcultures. The Northeast mountainous areas of Ba Be Lake, Cao Bang and Ha Giang offer unique opportunities for rugged motorcycle rides and trekking routes. It is the least travelled area of the north and often attracts the more hardy travellers craving a glimpse of some of the more remote ethnic minority people


# of persons


2 - 3

4 - 6

7 +

 Price per person in $





Useful information for touring in Vietnam
  • Licence and riding: A motorcycle licence and good riding experience is necessary to ride in Vietnam, also you will need to be physically fit due to the terrain, and frequent lifting of the bike that is inevitable at times.

  • Insurance:  No insurance exists for motorcycles in Vietnam, so your passport will be retained by the rental office, this is their only guarantee that the bike will be returned. The rider is responsible for any damage or loss and the passport is returned once your account is settled.
  • Equipment: Helmets are mandatory, there is no helmet law in Vietnam, but riding is hazardous, and other road users can ride aggressively, also your personal insurance could be invalid if you do not wear a helmet. Luggage cases/bags are not provided. You may use your own as long as they are suitable and do not interfere with the bike or cause damage. A rack is provided, and the maximum capacity is 50Kg.  You are advised to wear appropriate clothing to protect from elements and other prevailing dangers, strong boots, waterproof clothes and gloves would be advisable for all conditions. Any excess luggage can be stored at our rental office.

  • Finances: The currency in Vietnam is the Dong. There is approx 17000 Dong to $1 dollar. The US dollar is widely accepted, but for the more rural areas, you will need Dong. On average you need to budget for around $50 per day for fuel, food and accommodation plus extra for drinks, souvenirs and any other purchases you make.
  • Weather: Vietnam typically has 2 seasons, the wet season, from mid June to October, dry season the rest of the time.
  • Getting to Vietnam: There are some direct flights to Hanoi, or the central hub airport for the whole region in Bangkok, Thailand has regular flights to Hanoi. Overland is quite easy from China and Laos by bus
  • Payment for rentals/tours: We accept most major credit cards (except Amex), bank transfer, Paypal and cash. However the rental office in Vietnam do not accept credit cards, so you have the choice to pay the total amount to us, and we arrange transfer payments, or pay us for the reservation deposit (usually 10%) then the balance to the local office as cash, or in advance with Paypal.


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