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This is the place where our clients have their say, all of the following are genuine messages from customers who have used our services for their tour or rental.

Mr F.M. from Kildare, R.o.I.

After he and 2 freinds took a rental in the USA and rode on a self made tour.

March 2004

    I have just returned from my trip to the states. Both bikes were in excellent order. I completed 3620 miles with James completing about 3500 all in the space of two weeks. I take back anything I have ever said about Goldwings, they go, corner and stop better than they have any rite too.
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the efficient and comprehensive service you gave me throughout the period and tell you that the next time I plan a trip abroad I will be contacting you.
The only negative and it was small was the matter of fact/unfriendly service from the rental company when we returned the bikes to Orlando. I still will have no difficulty recommending you and 2 wheel travel.
Thanks again,  
Mr M.H., Melbourne, Australia

Following his Euro and UK tour

October 2003

At last a chance to get ... I was going to say 'pen to paper' ... but you know what I mean.
Please feel at ease to cut and paste from this email as you require.
My thanks to you once more for your invaluable assistance and advice in my recent Grand Tour of central Europe and the UK.
Firstly, my thanks for your great assistance in organising the rental of the Honda Deauville from the people in Frankfurt.  There was no problems with bookings, insurance nor any other hassles and the bike was sitting there waiting for me to arrive.
Your input, especially into the planning of the European section of the trip, turned what would have been merely "great" into "stupendous".  The things I had already planned such as riding up the Middle Rhine, (and the discovery of that wonderful little gem, Rhens), plus the equally compelling and beautiful Mosel, were everything I had hoped for.  Alsace was a minor disappointment at first, flat as a tack when away from the Rhine and mind numbing for a motorcyclist, but this was more than made up for by Colmar and later, the Schlumff Car Collection at Mulhouse.
The ride moved into the sublime with your ringing endorsement (encouragement/threats???) that I MUST ride the Stelvio Pass, its next door neighbour the Umbrail, and the Grossglockner Pass in Austria.  Unfortunately, time and other objectives did not allow for me to travel as far east as the Grossglockner, but it didn't matter for the Stelvio surpassed any experience I have had on a motorcycle.  The entire Alpine experience, as short as it was, would have been an awesome ride with my route taking me over the Fluela, Ofen and Reschen Passes, down through the picture-postcard perfect Val Mustair, on my way to the mighty Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. 
The hair-raising ride up the Stelvio took my Grand Tour into quite another dimension.   Quite frankly, it is and always will be the single most galvanising experience of my life.  Enthralling, breathtaking, intimidating and scary all at once.  About half way up I stopped for a photograph or two (not that any photo's are sufficient to translate the emotions you're enduring) and I do recall that I took your name in vain for a moment or three.   But at the top of the Stelvio, looking back down the worm like trail of 52 hairpin bends, listening to the dulcet tones of Ducati's, FireBlades and yes, even Harley's winding their way up the mountain, it really was worth the effort.   There was an element of relief too I'll admit ... but as I remounted to head down the Umbrail, exhausted but exhilarated, I was confident that there remained nothing except a couple of those Himalayan rides that would serve as a worthy challenge again.
The remainder of my fortnight in Europe was low key from this (quite literally) high-point, thoroughly enjoyable nevertheless, but thanks to your input and encouragement I have experienced a quite singular "moment" in my life.   I'm not sure that your later advice to ride the Stelvio 2 or 3 times will be followed however.
On the other hand ... thinking about it, if you ever need a guide to come over to Europe for a few weeks ... give me a call.  The Grossglockner beckons ...
Mr B.S

After we tried so hard to get him a few days riding in the middle of a business visit to Switzerland, only to fall foul of the weather

I cannot fault your input into my request for information, I cannot thank you enough, but no the weather, time, and itinerary did not lend it's self to the hire of a bike. Eeasycar A Class Merc for 33 was useful but not the same. Please keep in touch because the Med will be the next bike hire. 
Mr I.W., Scarborough

After he and a group of friends took a 5 day tailored tour of the Loire Valley, France

September 2003

Some feed back on the trip: first of all thanks for doing all the leg work.  People insist on congratulating me for the organisation.  It was all your hard work that made my bit easy.
The hotels: the hotel at Pont de l'Arche was brilliant.  
In favour of the hotel crystal was the staff were friendly and helpful although the proprietor was aloof and arrogant in a way that only the French seem to manage. 
P&O were excellent especially when we missed the boat.  That was my fault, I thought five and a half hours would be enough time to get from the hotel to the ferry but people wouldn't be hurried.  The ferry company just exchanged our tickets and sold us cabins which meant that we arrived back at Portsmouth at 6 am.
I hope that helps.
Be seeing you
J.G. Linton, Derbyshire

September 12th 2003

I had a great holiday in Spain thanks to your planning and insight.

The bike rental was very acceptable.  They arrived more or less on time as arranged at my accommodation in Estepona.  They picked up the bike, again at the arranged time. A quick once over and the 'blank' credit card slip returned to me.

The bike (Honda Transalp) had done about 40,000 km, but was in good condition and well prepared. 
Thanks for your tips about rides out in the area. 
I will probably repeat the exercise next year - so I will be in touch.
Mr B took his son, hired a bike and went to the Portugese Moto GP with a little motorcycle touring either side

September 09, 2003  (by email)

Thought I'd report in.
 Excellent time had. Rental team were excellent, Bike fine, roads fantastic. Did just short of 600 miles and saw a fair bit or the area around Lisbon. Not bad when two out of the four days we went to the Moto GP!
Thanks for sorting everything out.
Next request - June next year, Ducati in Tuscany. Any ideas/contacts?
Regards Rob
Mr J.K. Bury

2nd August 2003

Many thanks for a great tour.....I thought I could ride until I met John (guide), you'll be seeing me again.
Mr and Mrs T.O. Barking

20th July 2003 (by email)

Thanks for organising our tour of the Alps, Pam and Ray send their thanks too, we all had a great trip and we want to go again next year.
Mr I.L. Tooting Bec, London

8th July 2003

I thought last years trip to the Ardennes couldn't be beaten but you did it again with the Alps, where to next year?
MR. I.T. Uttoxeter, following his Euro tour

6th July 2003 (by letter)

Thank you for your organised and professional approach, I will be more than happy to reccommend your services to all I meet, it has been a true pleasure dealing with your company.
Mr D from East Kilbride took a 2 week tour of the US/Canada border area from the Washington side, his brother went along for the ride

Wednesday, June 18, 2003  (by email)

Never sent a postcard in my life, Michael, but just wanted to let you know that the rental company were excellent and the trip was fantastic! Done the whole lot for 1700 including spending money, flights, digs, the lot.
If you have any customers who want advice I'll be happy to pass on what we learned, including how to be nice to Royal Canadian Mounted Police traffic officers!
Thanks again for all your help. Hmmm, where to next year?                                  Regards, Ian 
Mr C from Enfield took a USA tour as a 50th birthday present to himself 

Monday, May 26, 2022 (by email)


Michael, just to let you know that the America trip was mindblowing (sorry to be trite but this is an accurate description).  Everything worked out as planned. Round trip: Orlando - Daytona Beach - Pensacola Beach - Gulf Port Mississippi - New Orleans - Jackson - Memphis - Nashville - Smokey Mountains - Blue Ridge (yes finally made it, but the weather was crap for most of the time) - Charleston - Savannah - Jacksonville and two days in the Florida forest in a cabin overlooking an alligator infested lake.  This amounted to 3, 500 miles almost exactly.  Dan,  turned out to be a really great guy.  He and his wife put me up on the last night with splendid hospitality.  I cannot recommend Dan highly enough.  Please consider using him again in the future.  The ST1300 was also very good.  Went like a dream without missing a beat.  On my final morning before taking me to the airport, Dan let me try one of his Goldwings.  Actually I quite liked it and it would have been very well suited to those long, straight Interstates.  However, if I had taken the original 'Wing I wouldn't have met Dan or probably had such a good time.
Thanks for helping to make all this possible.                                         Best wishes. Geoff.
Mr & Mrs F.W. Oxford (who incidently have now been abroad on their bike a further 3 times with us)

15th March 2003


I wasn't quite sure what to expect with our first trip abroad, but Mick (Guide) put us all at ease after the first ten miles, after that we had a great time...........Please send the details for the Pyrenees trip in September.
Mr I.D. East Kilbride after his Alpine tour

He used us again (see above)

Deitrich & Heidi were great, I never once felt like a customer, I just felt like a friend.

Accommodation was ideal and the grub was excellent, no-one goes hungry at the Berhang! A great bunch of people and some spoke excellent English. The scenery on the runs is quite breathtaking and a little unseasonable snow in the high mountains made the passes even more impressive though the roads were kept clear & dry.
All in all a perfect week, 17 mountain passes and 1900 miles, and a biking experience completely different to anything you can get in the UK. I can't reccommend it highly enough.

Feel free to use any of this on your website, I've attached a few photos for you too.


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