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Argentina Tours

Imagine, motorcycling through the high Andes in the wild north of Argentina, Chile and southern Bolivia, seeing mighty volcanoes, huge salt-lakes and far-flung villages? Or how about a bike tour with time for close-up visits of Argentina's amazing archaeological and cultural sites?

Below are just a few of the tour possibilities for Argentina or, if you'd like us to, we can put together a trip specially designed for you.

All our tours are accompanied by an experienced guide. You'll be in the driving seat and will have input into the itinerary. Tours are usually half on tarmac, half on gravel tracks, and are suitable for bikers with some basic experience in off-road riding.

Our tours offer the highest quality experience, which includes reliable and well-maintained bikes, a trilingual guide and, most importantly, a limit of 6 participants per tour, to ensure a smooth-running trip and a great, relaxed atmosphere.
The motorbikes we use are the Honda Transalp and the BMW R80GS.
Accommodation on the trip is in hotels and comfortable guesthouses.

If you prefer to plan and run your own tour, and only require a rental motorcycle, click here
Calchaqui Valleys Tour 3 day tour  
This 3 day bike trip in northern Argentina takes you to the beautiful landscapes of the remote Calchaquí Valleys of Salta province, with their colourful and bizarre rock formations. You visit the most beautiful mountain villages and one of the most important Pre-Inca ruins on this trip.

Total distance about 600 km, approx. 30% gravel roads.
Day 1
We leave Salta heading south, following the Lerma Valley until it suddenly narrows to a canyon: the Quebrada de Cafayate. This beautiful canyon is striking for its red sandstone formations, weathered by wind and water to bizarre shapes. If we have enough time in the afternoon, we visit the Quilmes ruins, the remains of one of the biggest and most important settlements of the Pre-Inca period in northern Argentina.
Day 2
Today's ride takes us through narrow gorges and broad valleys. We snake through the rough landscapes of the "Valley of Arrows". The beauty of this remote valley almost tops the famous Quebrada de Humahuaca.
We reach the picturesque mountain town of Cachi, overshadowed by mountains over 6000m high. The anthropological museum can be visited here.

Day 3
First we cross the National Park Los Cardones with it´s forest of thousands of Cactuses. Then crossing the Cuesta del Obispo we snake down from the Calchaquí Valley desert into the lush green Lerma Valley to reach Salta.
Duration of the tour: 3 days / 2 nights
Total distance: about 600 km, with approx 30% gravel roads.
Participants (drivers): minimum: 3, maximum: 6
Level of experience: The trip is suitable for any motor-biker with some off-road experience.
Prices: With support vehicle:      driver         590 €
                                    passenger   290 €
Without support vehicle: driver         490 €
                                    passenger   240 €
Single room surcharge:                    100 €

Puna Tour 5 Day tour  
This 5 day round trip takes you up into the wide, lonely plains of the Puna of Salta and Jujuy, the Argentinian answer to the Bolivian Altiplano. "Eternal" sunshine reigns in this fascinating landscape of salt lakes and scattered volcanoes.
Ride across the dazzlingly white surface of the salt lake Salinas Grandes, vsit the most picturesque mountain villages and the most important of the Pre-Inca ruins and enjoy the stunning beauty of the Quebrada de Humahuaca canyon (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003).
Day 1
The tour first takes us on a twisting tarmac road through densely wooded hills to Jujuy. Here we enter the picturesque Quebrada de Humahuaca canyon, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003 for its unique landscapes and culture. In Tilcara we visit the important ruins of the Pre-Inca Pucará.  The road to the enchanting mountain town of Iruya winds through the 4000m high pass Abra del Condor into the valley of Iruya. The town itself is in a narrow part of the valley and is surrounded by colourful mountains and eroded rock walls.
Day 2
Crossing the Abra del Condor again, we reach the main road and keep heading north to the Bolivian border to reach the remote village of Yavi. There you can visit the historic church Iglesia de San Francisco, cave paintings and petroglyphs.
Day 3
We set out to explore the beautiful landscapes of the national monument, Laguna de los Pozuelos, a lake at 4000m altitude, and home to unique flora and fauna.
Day 4
Today we head about south through the high plains of the Puna, to reach the salt lake Salinas Grandes, where you can experience riding over the broad white salt plains. We hit a gravel track which takes us over a wide plain and through a beautiful hidden valley to the famous viaduct La Polvorilla of the "Train to the Clouds" (Tren a las Nubes).

Day 5
The last day of the tour leads us along the tracks of the legendary "Train to the Clouds", crossing its tracks several times. We leave the plains of the Puna and descend to the ruins of Santa Rosa de Tastíl. After visiting the ruins the road takes us through the colourful valley Quebrada del Toro. We reach Salta and have a traditional barbecue.
Duration of the tour: 5 days / 4 nights
Total distance: about 1200 km, ca. 55% gravel roads.
Participants (drivers): minimum: 3, maximum: 6
Level of experience: The trip is suitable for any motor-biker with some off-road experience.
Prices: With support vehicle:      driver       1200 €
                                    passenger   700 €
Without support vehicle: driver         900 €
                                    passenger   500 €
Single room surcharge:                    200 €



Valleys & Puna Tour 8 days  
An 8 day tour combining both of the above tours
Duration of the tour: 8 days / 7 nights
Total distance: about 2000 km, ca. 50% gravel roads.
Participants (drivers): minimum: 3, maximum: 6
Level of experience: The trip is suitable for any motorbiker with some off-road experience.
Prices: With support vehicle:      driver         2300 €
                                    passenger   1300 €
Without support vehicle: driver         1900 €
                                    passenger   1000 €
Single room surcharge:                      400 €

Salta - Bariloche Tour 10 days  
On this 10 days tour we'll be driving from subtropical Salta in northern Argentina through the dessert areas of Catamarca and San Juan, through the wine region of Mendoza and the Mapuche-Indian areas of Neuquen to the paradisiac lake district of Bariloche, the doorway to Patagonia.

Total distance about 3500 km.
Day 1
The trip starts with a beautiful ride through the fertile Lerma Valley and the colourful Canyon Quebrada de Cafayate. We visit the Quilmes Ruins and rest in Santa Maria.
Approx. 300 km.
Day 2
Now on the legendary Ruta 40 we keep heading south on tarmac and gravel roads through the sparsely populated planes of Catamarca.
Approx. 400 km.
Day 3
Crossing the rocky pass Cuesta de Miranda we'll reach the Nature Park Ischigualasto (Valley of the Moon) with it's naturally carved bizarre rock formations. Overnight stay in Valle Fertil.
Approx. 330 km.
Day 4
On tarmac road through bush land and wine plantations we pass San Juan and drive into Mendoza City, the wine capital of Argentina.
Approx. 400 km.
Day 5
Day at leisure to explore the beautiful city and the wineries, or optional ride to the Aconcagua (approx. 390 km).
Day 6
On our way south on the Ruta 40 along the Andes we'll pass fruit plantations, lakes and the Volcano Diamante. Going on a small detour we´ll reach the ski resort of Las Leñas in the heart of the Andes. Overnight stay in pleasant Malargüe.
Approx. 440 km

Day 7
We'll carry on through basaltic dessert areas into Neuquen and follow a valley high above the river to reach the little village of El Huecú.
Approx. 430 km.
Day 8
We'll enter the volcanic landscapes of Copahue, Caviahue and Pehuenia, with their snow capped volcanoes, and shining lakes seamed by unearthly Araucaria forests, and we'll enjoy the evening of the idyllic shores of lake Aluminé.
Approx. 300 km.
Day 9
On the Pehuenia Circle today we´ll enjoy an endless amount of Araucaria trees and lakes and rivers on our way to San Martín de los Andes on the shores of Lake Lacar.
Approx. 280 km.

Day 10
Today we'll enter the lake district of Bariloche on the Road of the Seven Lakes, and reach the beautiful situated capital of northern Patagonia.
Approx. 210 km.
Duration of the tour: 10 days / 9 nights
Total distance: about 3500km.
Participants (drivers): minimum: 3, maximum: 6
Level of experience: The trip is suitable for any motor-biker with experience.
Prices: With support vehicle:      driver         2900 €
                                    passenger   1700 €
Single room surcharge:                      500 €



Included for all above tours: - Motorbike rental (Honda Transalp)
- Third party insurance
- Trilingual guide (English, Spanish, German)
- Support vehicle
- Petrol for the whole trip
- Maps
- Accommodation in hotels and comfortable guesthouses with breakfast
- Dinner
- Baggage storage
- Airport transfer in Salta
exlcuded: - Lunch
- Drinks
- Entry fees
- Flights
- Travel insurances
- Health insurances
- Accident insurances
Climate and season: This tour crosses half a continent. We'll be going from the southern tropic circle down to 42° latitude. We'll be crossing 3 climatic zones: subtropical, dessert and temperate zone. That implies we have to be prepared for anything from tropical heat with thunderstorms over dry and hot desserts over rainy and muddy forest to cold and windy mountain regions. Good raingear and warm clothes are as necessary as sun protection.


We also offer other tours for longer durations, including our spectacular 24 day "ALL ARGENTINA" tour. Or we can plan a tour for your group at any time, and for any duration. Please contact us for further details.


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