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South Africa

Johannesburg On/Off Road Tours

Through our Jo'burg operator we offer a wide range of on/off road motorcycle activities, from leisurely tours combining the best fo the regions scenery and routes to the pure off road experience that brings the wild side of Africa to life. Below is an example of a tour which runs regulary, any tour can be created to suit your own tastes, so please contact us with your planned itinerary or suggested dates and we will get you on the road (and off it) for a true adventure tour.


7 Day On/Off Road Adventure Tour

South Africa is commonly referred to as “A World in One Country’ and deservedly so as South Africa holds the title of the third most bio diverse country in the world.  The African elephant, lion, leopard, rhinoceros and buffalo that make up The Big Five can all be found throughout South Africa and at various locations on the tour. An encounter with either of The Big Five will leave a long lasting impression in your mind. South Africa is extremely culturally diverse, with 11 official languages and large immigrant populations that have originated from all over the world.     

During this week long adventure, you will pass through many different regions that are all unique and rich in South African history and culture. As you travel from one point to another you will experience the changing topography ranging from the hot dry bushveld to the moist and humid tropical climate of Kwa-Zulu Natal. You will also have the opportunity to encounter and experience the various cultures and ways of life throughout the areas that you travel through. Interaction with the locals can be immensely rewarding for both parties, affording each person the opportunity of sharing their beliefs and ways of life. These cultural experiences are best encountered in the rural areas where you will also be able to enjoy some exciting off-road riding.

 This adventure presents any biker with a unique opportunity to experience a world of diversity whilst parting in an activity that they are passionate about. All in all, South Africa lays the perfect foundation to exploring a variety of different cultures, people, geography and spectacular riding. With the pleasure of having a state of the art on-off road motorbike beneath you and the Africa sky above you, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your dream adventure unfolding before your eyes.



Day 1 Arriving at the Johannesburg International Airport the group will be transported to the luxury lodge on the outskirts of Johannesburg. There they will spend their first night. They will be introduced to the tour guides and will also have the chance to familiarise themselves with the tour itinerary and the on-off road bikes.

Day 2 Departing from Johannesburg the group will make their way towards Mpumalanga, a region presided over by mountains, canyons, green gold forests, and the lowveld. The lowveld is home to the regions famous premier attraction, the Kruger National Park.  The group will experience a mixture of on and off road riding, as they travel down the escarpment, passing through areas with spectacular scenery, a 1000 meter drop in altitude and a dramatic change in geography and climate.  During this trip the riders will be treated to the fabulous Panorama Route, a natural amusement park of waterfalls, cliff-top vantage points, and outdoor pools. The awe inspiring Blyde River Canyon, a dramatic and spectacular mountain cavity, lies at the Northern edge of the route with it's sheer cliffs and glimmering waters among South Africa's most stunning sights.  A truly memorable experience, for anyone visiting this region, is a visit to God's Window. Looking through God's Window, over the endless forests to the lowveld is a moving experience, as from a vantage point of 1500 meters one sees the Escarpment plunge in a nearly shear drop to the plains below. Overnight will be spent at a picture perfect luxury lodge, set on the side of a mountain, reflecting the true enormity of the surrounding valleys and mountains.  

Day 3 Waking to realise that yesterday was not a dream; the high-spirited riders will depart for another spectacular ride through this majestic part of the world. Awaiting the riders are more discoveries of the treasures that are scattered throughout this region. Trout fishing is plentiful, historical battle sites are at every turn and historical towns that originate from the gold rush, allow visitors the pleasure of experiencing life as it was a century ago. A visit to this region would not be complete without a folk tale, allowing the visitors an insight to the days gone by. The riders will also be able to follow the path that many gold miners once took in an attempt to find their fortune, by traveling down a mineshaft. As the day draws to a close the riders will find their overnight accommodation being located in what is believed to be the biggest volcanic crater on earth, some 40km’s in diameter.  

Day 4 Saying farewell to the friendly hospitality of the people of Mpumalanga and this land of fantasy, the group will move towards the Swaziland border. Swaziland is the smallest country in the Southern Hemisphere with most of the land being sparsely settled and consisting of protected nature reserves, quilted farmland and sprawling timber plantations. Here the riders will experience exceptional riding with stunning scenery, unparalleled on and off road riding and an opportunity to learn about the Swazi people and their culture. A visit to one of the hot mineral water springs will refresh and revitalise the riders whilst allowing them the opportunity to reflect on the passed day’s experiences and to anticipants the adventures that lie ahead. The riders will spend the night at a luxury hotel set amidst the picturesque Swaziland Mountains.

Day 5 Departing on a short journey, the riders will travel through the Southern Swazi border post and move towards a luxury lodge, a short ride away, where they will spend the night.  During their stay they will be exposed to some of Africa’s most exciting and unique adventures. From the challenge of landing a tiger fish, distantly related to the piranha and a formidable challenge, to the thrill of tracking an African Elephant on foot, these adventures are only bettered by excellent off-road riding. During their stay the group will be introduced to life in the bush, with experiences such as taking a steamy outdoor shower under the stars, Zebra and small buck on your front doorstep and scrumptious South African cuisine.

Day 6 Moving towards the central parts of Kwa-Zulu Natal and the heart of Zululand, the riders will experience a dramatic change in topography and climate. The quality of the riding in this region usually renders the riders speechless, evoking emotions that at the best of times do not easily surface. The activities of the day will include a trip in an open Land rover in the heart of one of South Africa's premier 'Big Five' game reserves. The day will also be spent exploring the off-road terrain that is unique to this area. The riders will spend part of the day on an outride where they will be able to attempt various obstacles and test their off-road riding capabilities. The outride will take the group through the forests and sugar cane plantations of the region all in the backdrop of the regions dramatic and spectacular scenery. Overnight will be spent in a traditional styled Zulu Lodge. The riders will be introduced to the culture and traditions of the Zulu people through a variety of performances that depict the history and lifestyle of the Zulu people.

Day 7 Moving in a westerly direction, the riders will move through Zululand and the Battlefield region of Kwa-Zulu Natal. This region is famous for its historical battle sites and where you can still find many native people still embracing the traditional way of life. The riders will experience an unforgettable ride when they ride through a game reserve that is host to wild animals such as zebra, wildebeest, impala, giraffe and other great animals of Africa.

Bidding farewell to the Rainbow Nation the riders will depart from the Johannesburg International Airport filled with fond memories of this “World in One Country”.

Had it not been for the magic and mystery of South Africa’s geography and scenery, JRR Tolkien would have never been inspired to write the award winning novels of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The only way to relive these types of Adventures is to travel the path that inspired the imagination of such Adventures.


US$ 3 200 / person (excludes airfare to and from South Africa)

A special rate of US$ 2 650 applies to spouses not riding

Pricing includes your motorcycle, fuel, accommodation, three meals per day, all outrides, game park entrance fees, tiger fishing rods, bait and boat. Pricing excludes all drinks, souvenirs, additional biking equipment, telephone calls and visas to enter South Africa and Swaziland. 


Tour Dates

Awaiting dates information, please contact us for details

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